Japanese word or maybe sentences. This sentences give me some strange although i’m confuse. Bussinesman now and then teacher, can I ?
I think can’t be cause my age almoust 30 years old. So before I was flyed from brebes, I have decision like I’m businessman who has capital to retire in Brebes later.

My dream when I was still in Brebes when I became a teacher, I can work in city be able to travel and visit all regions Indonesian and I want going abroad even if only once to another country.

Briefly why I wrote this,

Because suddenly I saw social media account of a child of the former Brebes regent and actually she was second grade in high school. Now she lives abroad and will live not in Brebes whre she was born

Even though her older sister who used be my senior in junior high and high school has the same plans as her father to become an official in DPR RI.

Everyone’s dream is different

If I am faced with the choice becoming an official like that, I only have two options that can make may life easier.

Options First : If my performance is good in thats group andi without being driven by the wishes of other superiors or more senior officials who are bad, then I will truly side with the people with the minimum of may life even though the salary is small among the officials there.

Options second : my choice is ridden by bad politicians and only concerned with their interests, so I will sell my position to another people who want to occupy it, uhhhh, thats like corruption huh ? wkwkwkw…

Okay just leave it to others after all our work is our own blessing later.

Since in Bekasi I understand that in a city life like this one has to save my money dan save money. I dont know how big your savings are, if you are consistent in saving, you will be successful financially even if you dont reach your target.

It’s different if you adjust the target then your success can be felt and can be enjoyed more at retirement age or it could be before your retirement age later. ( will )

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