THR ( The Happy Rewards )

Again, Why di I have to write in English ? Even though I don’t really like it and the public doesn’t really understand what I’m talking about.

I think I prefer English in my heart because English is a difficult subject to understand but why do I always want to speak English like the films I watched in high school and college. I also really like Arabic since high school because my Arabic teacher used to be kind and friendly, never yelling at children who are guilty can only warn with appropriate grades. In the first grade of high school I received Arabic lessons and of course I always got bad grades in the mid-semester test and semester test in class. All my friends are the same, the highest one only gets a score of 70 and above.

Fairly new to me because I was only in first grade. Sure enough, when I went up in the second grade, I didn’t know why Arabic letters immediately stuck in my mind until finally I was able to master Arabic lessons in second grade and got the highest score between 85 and 100. At least I got 80 on my test.

In the second grade there are actually some classes that are taught French, why can’t our class get French lessons?
Even though I was really looking forward to the new language that was coming at that time. But it was fate that my class up to the third grade was taught Arabic and really memorized it for semester tests and daily tests with a minimum score of 90.

okay, enough enough..
before I digress to other talk…wkwkwk

Back to the topic of conversation according to the title, namely THR. THR is a term that is awaited by employees all over the country, not only employees but other professions which essentially have worked for at least one year.

THR is a power generator for those who get it. It could be an additional investment, it could be an increase in savings, and there are also those like me who distribute THR to small children in my family such as nephews, cousins and others who do not have work experience.

As the name implies, I can explain THR myself with the meaning of the happily reward as a reward that is encouraging even though it’s only a few pieces of money. Can’t believe I’ve been working in Bekasi for 3 years. Now my responsibilities have increased, adding a new family and adding to the needs that must be prepared and must be divided so that primary and secondary needs are fulfilled.

Just the intended rice, hard work and prayer into one, may all be a blessing always the sustenance obtained, especially for the sustenance obtained from PT. Excellent Infotama Kreasindo and PT. Aktiva Kreasi Investama. (will)

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