Well, why am I writing about this ?

In couple weeks I’m learning with online class in Kampung Inggris. I got ad’s in one of instagram posts. From there i was also interested in taking this online class and I took speaking aspect. Another factor why I took this lesson is cause I as a staff in office were motivated by the suggestions given by Pak Boss during the briefing all teams.

Actually I like to learn several languages such as English, Japanese. Korean, Arabic and French. I remember my experience in high school that my Arabic grades were bad in 10 class I could cover them up in 11 and 12 class so that I became a foregin language expert in my class at the time.

The one else experience when I became a teacher for three years. During those three years I guided 6th class who wanted travel to Borobudur. Of course, I told with my childrens that in Borobudur there would be a lot of tourists, so at least if you look at each other, don’t stare at them forr too long because it’s considered rude to them. As an example of a good teacher, I bravered to meet some of tourists there while my students watched them.

It only took a few minutes to get acquainted / intoduced and endedwith taking pictures because I didn’t want to disturb their activities. There are those from Canada, Hongkong, Italy that I met first. From that experience, my children are enthusiastic if English is taught at schhol, even though it is an additional lesson or distraction and include like volunteering considering that economy of my students parents is not good.

So that’s why following Kampung Inggris at the time for upgrade up my speaking skill.

I will continue inpart two for my experience following learning in an Kampung Inggris, Okay ?

So that you are curious about next story.. ( will )

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